Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear laughter at your wedding? Wedding games will undoubtedly assist you in achieving this! Indians are known not just for their Rasmein (rituals) but also for their entertaining wedding games. The couples’ games and activities for the guests are a terrific way to lighten the mood and strengthen the bonds between the families. All of these wacky activities blend well with any wedding ceremony and double the pleasure, whether it’s a Haldi ceremony or a mehndi function, a pool party, or a sangeet after-party.

Selecting the perfect games for the guests, on the other hand, is a difficult task. It takes a lot of thought to choose games that will appeal to people of all ages. But don’t worry, here we, experts at Pradhan Banquet, the best affordable wedding hall in Ganguly Bagan, have compiled a list of five Indian wedding games for your friends and family. These games will be appropriate for an ice-breaking ceremony.

Kite Flying Competition

Kite flying is very well-known and enjoyed by both adults and children! A highly liberating game in which participants compete in teams to see who can cut the most kites! When one person cuts the other person’s kite, a slang phrase known as “Kai Po Che!” is frequently used. Oh, what a feeling you’ll have while cutting kites and screaming the slang!


If your wedding venue has a large lawn area or a beach, consider hosting a volleyball match between the two teams. One of the best Indian wedding games would be a volleyball competition with humorous punishments for the losing team and prizes for the winning team. You can also include pool volleyball if possible.

Fish the Ring

This game has long been a part of our culture. Fish the ring is a game in which the bride and groom must find the ring that has been placed into a container full of milk. Also, there is a concept associated with this game that the player who wins the maximum times rules over the other. It’s a fun and entertaining game for friends and family too!

Paper Dance

A love game that should be enlisted because other couples would like to try out some unusual activities as well. The game requires players to form pairs of two and dance together in a full-sized newspaper. The game’s twist is that the paper will be folded once every time the music stops. The couple who makes it to the end without stepping on the ground wins the game!

Identify Your Bride

This game is really a fun test for the groom, as much as it is for everyone else to watch. To play this game, cut a few holes horizontally in a long piece of fabric or a saree (probably 6-7). The hole should be large enough for one hand to pass through. Allow a few women, including the bride, to stand on one side of the fabric with only their hands visible to the groom, who is standing on the opposite side. And there you have it: the groom must now identify his wifey’s hands all at once!

We hope you like this blog. For more such unique game ideas, don’t hesitate to contact experts at Pradhan Banquet, the top affordable wedding hall in Ganguly Bagan Kolkata.

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