Arranging a funeral for your loved one can be an emotional and challenging experience. Choosing the right venue for the funeral service and reception can play a significant role in honoring the life of the deceased as well as providing comfort to family and friends. A banquet hall in Dhakuria, Kolkata can be an ideal location for a funeral offering ample space for the service and reception, as well as convenient amenities such as catering. 

In this blog, we will highlight the steps to give a respectful tribute to the deceased in a banquet hall during this difficult time.

Here are the steps to planning a funeral 

Planning a funeral can be a hectic task, but a banquet hall can provide you the convenience and space to honor the deceased. However, from choosing a suitable venue to coordinating with guests, there are many important factors to consider when planning a funeral in a banquet hall.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to plan a funeral in a banquet hall:

  • Choose the right banquet hall: There are many banquet halls in Dhakuria, Kolkata. When selecting a banquet hall for a funeral, consider factors such as location, size, availability and cost. Make sure the venue has enough space to accommodate all the guests and any activities or events you have planned.
  • Location: Choose a banquet hall at a location that is convenient for family and friends to attend. For instance, you may want to consider factors such as accessibility and parking facilities.
  • Coordinate with the banquet hall staff: Meet with the staff at the banquet hall to discuss your plans and any specific requirements you may have. Inform them about catering needs as well as any requests for setup or decor.
  • Arrange for catering: The top 10 banquet halls in South Kolkata provides catering menu and service options that suit your needs and budget. Consider any dietary restrictions or preferences of the guests. The banquet hall staff needs to be aware of the timing for the catering and that there is adequate seating and serving space.
  • Choose the theme and floral arrangements: Choose floral arrangements that honor their memory and fit with the overall theme of the service. You may also consider putting candles and photos of the deceased. 
  • Arrangement for the puja: The banquet hall should be prepared for the puja with appropriate seating, lighting and arrangements. 


Planning a funeral in a banquet hall in Dhakuria, Kolkata can be a meaningful and respectful way to honor the memory of a loved one. By considering these steps, you can ensure that the funeral arrangements are a fitting tribute to their life and legacy.