You are about to become a Bengali bride so do you want to know about all the latest trends? In this guide below, we will be introducing you to the best Bengali wedding trends of 2023 for budget wedding venues in Kolkata.

Top Bengali wedding trends of 2023 for budget-friendly wedding venues in Kolkata

  • Minimalistic wedding invitations

Bengali weddings are now following minimalistic wedding trends. Among these are minimalistic wedding invitations. Nowadays, couples are opting for simple wedding invitations for their wedding in the marriage halls in Kolkata. These have motifs that uphold the roots of Bengali wedding traditions. Moreover, these minimalistic wedding invitations cost less than customized ones. 

  • Floral decorations

You can opt for floral decorations that complement any classic Bengali wedding. To book budget banquet halls in Patuli Kolkata, you can go for the ones that come with such decorations. Simple floral decorations look vibrant, and they also cost less in comparison to grand wedding decorations. Because of this reason, floral decorations have become a popular trend in Bengali weddings. 

  • Intimate gatherings

Banquet halls in Garia Kolkata are perfect for intimate gatherings, which is another new Bengali wedding trend. Earlier, couples used to invite a large gathering of distant relatives and friends to their wedding. However, now, the situation has changed, and couples are choosing intimate gatherings over crowded ones. In this way, they can have a budgeted wedding by having a short guest list that allows them to save on the cost of accommodation as well as save the cost per plate at their wedding dinner.

  • Playing cinematographic videos

Cinematographic videos have also turned into a likable choice for Bengali couples. Moreover, playing cinematographic videos shows the journey of the couple starting as partners and then promising each other to be together for the rest of their lives. If the couple is going for minimal flower decorations, they will be able to make up for the rest of the space with a simple projector and screen that plays the video.

  • Having photo booths

In modern Bengali weddings, couples are having photo booths in their wedding venues. There the guests can click pictures of themselves along with a picturesque background. Even couples can capture special moments after their wedding in these booths. 
We have listed above a few popular Bengali wedding trends of 2023. Couples can follow these trends in order to book a budget-friendly wedding venue. Thus, in case you are having your wedding in 2023, you can choose to implement some of these trends.