Nowadays, people are switching from traditional to modern styles of décor. For instance, they are no longer using the same old clichéd floral arrangements and bringing new decoration ideas to the table. Read along to know some tips to plan the décor for destination weddings in Kolkata.

Six tips for planning the décor of your destination wedding in Kolkata

Add pastel tones:

You can choose light, pastel tones for your destination wedding instead of the same old dark ones. Experiment with a peach setting by adding some floral blooms. Popular Bollywood actors are also choosing such pastel tones for their weddings. Take some inspiration from them to plan the décor for the open air wedding venue in Kolkata.

Mix white and red:

White and red hues go well together. Hence, you can decorate your mandap with white and red flowers instead of going for the traditional marigold. It will make your mandap look charming and elegant.

Opt for boho themes:

For their weddings, most couples prefer boho themes. You can apply this wedding theme to the banquet halls of Kolkata. All you have to do is pick some décor items like seashells and use them creatively. Take the help of an experienced wedding décor, if needed, to assist you with the decor, or if you want, you can also DIY your boho-themed wedding décor.

Royal colours:

You do not always need a high budget to plan a royal wedding. There are some smart ways to give your wedding a luxurious feel. Select a combination of white and gold, which will make your wedding stand out and look unique while also making it appear royal.

A starry setting:

Another unique idea for your destination wedding décor is to add shimmery golden strings to create a starry effect. In case you want a minimalistic wedding, this idea will be perfect for you. For this, you can go for a simple white background, along with some golden shimmer.

Heavenly lights:

There is a lot of scope to play around with the lighting while you plan your wedding décor. Lighting can enhance the look of your wedding décor. Therefore, you can decorate the stage with white drapes and miniature bulbs with floral arrangements in the background.

We have provided some unique decoration ideas for your destination wedding in Kolkata. You can experiment with these new ideas and discuss them with your wedding decorator to plan the décor for your destination wedding.