A destination wedding in Kolkata is a dream for many. Hence, we will list below five reasons why you must consider having your destination wedding in Kolkata.
Five reasons why you must have your destination wedding in Kolkata

An ethnic celebration:

If you want your wedding to be an ethnic celebration, Kolkata is the best place to do so. Due to its beautiful culture and heritage, the city has emerged as a prominent location for destination weddings. If you want, make your wedding unique by donning Bengali attire and following all Bengali customs and rituals at your wedding.
To enjoy the rich tradition and culture that Kolkata embodies at your destination wedding, you can invite regional artists and bands. In this way, you can fuse Kolkata’s traditional and cultural aspects into your wedding.

A contemporary event:

If you do not want an ethnic celebration, you can go for a contemporary wedding in the open air wedding venues in Kolkata. They come with a large space availability which allows you to experiment with the decor and also have some extra space where your guests can party and enjoy at your wedding.

Rich cuisine:

Kolkata is also famous for its Bengali cuisine. If you host your destination wedding in Kolkata, you can incorporate a few exclusive Bengali dishes that the city is famous for at your wedding. It will help you create a unique menu that both you and your guests will remember for a long time. In addition, you can include Rosogollas, Sandesh, and Mishti Doi in your wedding menu, which are some of the most popular desserts in Kolkata.

Budget wedding:

You may have the idea that destination weddings are expensive, but you will feel surprised when you search online for wedding venues in Kolkata with price. Kolkata has plenty of cheap wedding venues that will help you have a budget wedding.

Great accessibility:

Kolkata has great accessibility. Its airport is located at a 17 km distance from the city’s centre. Moreover, as the city has a well-connected transport system, you will not experience any inconvenience while commuting.
If you wish to have a unique and memorable event amidst a rich culture and tradition, you can choose Kolkata for your destination wedding.