Banquet halls in South Kolkata have become the ideal location for any occasion. Such venues are becoming associated with excellent cuisine, comfortable lodging, a convenient location, and an exciting atmosphere. Most of the banquet halls can accommodate any type of event, whether your child’s birthday, your pre-wedding ceremony, or a simple graduation celebration; banquet halls are growing in popularity. There are several events which can be arranged in a banquet hall.

Types of Events organized at Banquet Halls 

Here is the list of events which are organized at the banquet halls in South Kolkata:

1.Birthday parties

A banquet hall is ideal for celebrating birthday parties, where kids and adults can find space to enjoy the event. At the same time, customized decorations can be done to make the birthday party more special. 

2.Wedding Ceremony

Nowadays, wedding venues in South Kolkata have become an automatic choice for conducting wedding ceremonies. 

3.Pre-wedding ceremony

Several pre-marriage ceremonies, like engagement parties or marriage registration parties, can be celebrated at various marriage halls in Kolkata.

4.Marriage Anniversary

The marriage anniversary is another important event in a couple’s life, which can be celebrated at banquet halls. Most of the marriage anniversary programs are celebrated during any milestone year, like 1st-year 25th year, etc. 

5.Graduation Ceremony

Many students grandly celebrate graduation with their friends and family members in banquet halls.

6.Farewells or Welcome Ceremony

Many educational and corporate institutes organize welcoming programs and farewell ceremonies, and banquet halls are the best places to conduct such events.

7.Baby Shower Ceremony

A baby shower ceremony is considered one of the most important events in a woman’s life, particularly for pregnant women. Such an event is usually celebrated in big banquet halls in South Kolkata to accommodate many invitees. 

8.Rice Ceremony

The rice ceremony is the first event of a baby, marked as the day to feed the first solid food to a child. This event is one of the biggest events in human life, and it is usually celebrated in banquet halls. 

9. Corporate events like Seminars, workshops, lectures, training etc.

Many corporate institutes conduct important seminars, workshops, and lectures at banquet halls that can accommodate large numbers of people, along with the facility of centralized AC and free WIFI. 

10.Festive Events

Many festive events are celebrated in banquet halls to get more space to accommodate large guests. 

These are a few common events celebrated in most of the banquet halls in South Kolkata. You can get all kinds of facilities and infrastructure in banquet halls to make your event more special.