In order to host the event in the best possible way, the smooth conduction of various programs also includes the execution of safety measures. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, most of the marriage halls in Kolkata have taken additional steps to maintain every aspect to ensure the protection of the attendees in the event. Here are a few safety measures which are followed to protect people from any kind of accident. 

Safety measures offered by marriage halls in Kolkata? 

Here you will find some of the important safety measures followed by banquet halls in Kolkata

  • Cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of ensuring the health aspects of visitors. Almost all marriage halls in Kolkata keep a separate group of staff to keep the floor and other associated things clean. It will not only help in maintaining the hygienic aspect but will also remove germs in the banquet hall. Especially after the pandemic scenario, many wedding venues have installed sanitizer tunnels and spray sanitizer to kill viruses in the venue. 

  • Fire Prevention  

Amidst the crowd, in order to prevent the fire spread and to ensure the protection of attendees, most of the wedding venues in South Kolkata keep fire fighting equipment like fire hydrant systems and fire extinguishers. 

  • Food Service Safety

From cooking to serving food on the plates of guests, each and every safety aspect of providing quality food services is maintained by marriage halls in Kolkata. The team of cooks always ensures cleanliness while cooking. Apart from this, the catering service providers of banquet halls always take safety measures to ensure the hygienic aspect while cooking and serving food items to the guests. 

  • Security of Attendees

The security of every individual is also checked in the banquet halls to avoid any kind of theft and to ensure protection. Almost all the banquet halls have separate teams of security guards to protect every individual on the day of the event in the venue. The installation of CCTV cameras in almost every marriage hall in South Kolkata, with a monitoring room, keeps close monitoring at every corner of the venue to notice any unwanted incident. 

These are some of the safety measures adopted by most of the marriage halls in Kolkata that allow attendees to enjoy the event in the venue with the sense of utmost safety and security. Apart from this, it also helps in hosting the event smoothly as well as flawlessly in the wedding venue in Kolkata.