A baby’s transition from breastfeeding to solid food is marked by the rice ceremony, also known as “Annoprasan”. It is a significant life event that parents wish to cherish at one of the best banquet halls in Kolkata. The term “Annoprasan” comes from the Sanskrit language and means “grain initiation.” Various communities in India celebrate this day either on the sixth or eighth month after the baby is born.

Why is Rice Ceremonies Celebrated in Best Banquet Halls?

Rice ceremonies are one of the most important, especially in Bengali culture. The reason why these events are celebrated mostly in banquet halls is because of the following reasons.

  • Decoration

For every event, including rice ceremony programs, decoration is important. If you want to have the celebration in a garden or banquet hall, decorate the area with various baby items, such as balloons, streamers, ribbons, charming flowers that go with the baby, and other similar baby items that make the location a little odd yet lovely. 

  • Additional space

In order to accommodate numerous invitees, banquet halls in Kolkata are the best places to conduct rice ceremony programs. It can give you the additional space to arrange rituals and other norms of rice ceremony programs comfortably. 

  • Separate place for Kids

It becomes tough to handle kids in a house. This is the reason why banquet halls in Kolkata are preferred for events like rice ceremonies. If you can set up a separate location for kids to play, it will make things easier for you to supervise them. Put some games and toys in the play area to keep kids occupied. Get a willing relative or a maid to help out with looking after the safety of your little guests. 

  • Foods provided by Banquet halls for Rice Ceremony

It is crucial to understand what foods belong in an Annaprasana ritual for a boy and what shouldn’t. According to several traditions, the infant should be introduced to the three primary flavours of salt, sour, and sweet during this process. However, it is best to exclude spicy foods from the Annaprasana ritual, even while some groups serve spicy foods at the Annaprashan event.

During the Annaprasana of newborn babies, the following are the primary foods offered at the Annaprashan at banquet halls in Mukundapur Kolkata:

  • Ghee
  • Rice
  • Pulse
  • Vegetables
  • Fish (Optional)
  • Kheer
  • Jaggery

These are why banquet halls in South Kolkata are mostly preferred for rice ceremony programs. It can not only help provide space and catering service but also help arrange the whole event with attractive decoration.