We do not always have a high budget to plan a wedding. This can be an inconvenience as we cannot always figure out which costs to cut down. We will be telling you different ways you can execute a low budget marriage in Kolkata. 

How to plan a low budget marriage in Kolkata banquet halls?

  • Have a small bridal party

If you want to invite some of your closest friends to have a low budget marriage, cut down on your guest list. When you invite all of your friends, it increases the expenses as you will have to make accommodations for them, especially if they come from far.

  • DIY the décor

For your low budget wedding, you can seek inspiration online and DIY the décor items instead of hiring decorators. In this way, you will be able to save money, and also you will design items that will match your taste and bring your dream wedding to life. Do not hesitate to take the help of your friends when preparing the DIY items.

  • Plan a weekday wedding

You can search for cheap banquet halls in South Kolkata with rates. It will help you shortlist the low rate banquet halls and the owners of the banquet halls will be willing to lower the rates further if you book them during weekdays for your wedding event. The cost of booking a banquet hall during the weekend is more expensive than during the weekday as most weddings take place on the weekends. Therefore, booking the banquet hall at that time will be a costly affair if you do not book them during the weekday. 

  • Buy from local shop owners

While looking for banquet halls in Kolkata for marriage with rates, you must also find local shop owners who partner with banquet halls. You can buy flowers from them as they sell them at affordable rates. Moreover, they will also be able to get you in touch with other local shop owners who can provide you with purchasing things locally that would otherwise be costly if you get them from somewhere else.

  • Book your wedding and reception in one venue

You can book your wedding and reception in the same location. It is because if you book two events in the same location, you will be in a position to get discounts. In addition, you will also get other services at budget-friendly prices.

Planning a low-budget marriage in Kolkata can be stressful. However, you can refer to the above points if you want to have a wedding that complements your wedding budget in Kolkata.