It is hard to keep track of time, and when you spend years together with a person you love, it feels even more so. Hence, to celebrate all the special moments that you have experienced with your partner, you must throw them an anniversary party. To help you execute a surprise event in a banquet hall in Santoshpur Kolkata, we have listed some tips below.

Tips for celebrating an anniversary party

  1. Select a picturesque location

There can be nothing better than giving your partner a surprise anniversary party to show them how much they mean to you. You can check out a number of banquet halls in Santoshpur Kolkata that come with picturesque locations.  While doing so, you will come across a number of rooftop venues with an indoor setting which you can consider choosing for your main event.

  1. Plan for a subtle theme

Instead of going overboard with the theme, choose something subtle and appealing. If required, you can book banquet halls that have a team of experienced in-house decorators. They will take your suggestions into consideration and plan a unique theme for your event. Moreover, they can tell you which colours will go best with the theme that you have chosen for the party.

  1. Have a list of your guests

You may want some of your mutual family and friends to be present there at the time of the celebration. So, decide on your guest list before booking the venue. This way you can find “banquet halls in Kolkata with price” and check whether or not the hall can accommodate the number of guests on your list.

  1. Select the flowers

Any anniversary celebration is incomplete without flowers. Therefore, make sure that you choose the flowers that your partner likes the most. If you feel unsure, you can also talk with the team of in-house florists to decide on which flowers will look great for the event.

  1. Discuss with the photographer

Talk with the photographer regarding their availability on the date of the event, as you might want to get your pictures taken at a certain time. For instance, if you select a rooftop venue, you can decide to make good use of the space by getting some romantic shots at dusk when the sky is painted with the hues of the sun. You can further choose an in-house photographer who will give you quality pictures of the event at an affordable price.

  1. Renew your vows

Lastly, you can celebrate the event by renewing the vows that you and your partner had taken at the time of your wedding. This romantic gesture will melt your partner’s heart and make them love you even more.

Follow these tips to plan a memorable event for your anniversary party at a banquet hall