Most marriage ceremonies in Kolkata are organized during the winter, the peak season for weddings. Hence, booking one of the best banquet halls in South Kolkata becomes challenging as most venues are booked in advance during this peak season. This blog will give you valuable tips and ideas if you plan to organize a winter wedding event. 

Booking one of the best banquet halls in advance

As mentioned earlier, booking one of the best marriage halls in Kolkata is very difficult, especially during the winter. Hence, you should search for the best banquet hall in advance to avoid the reservation queue. It will help you get the best banquet facility personalized as per your preferences and demands. It is recommended to book a banquet hall at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding date. You should also check several other factors before booking one of the best wedding venues in South Kolkata, such as the temperature control facility to keep the venue warm during the winter season and many more. 

Decorating banquet halls with wintry color palettes

Nothing looks more gorgeous than decorating the wedding venue with natural flowers, especially those which bloom during winter. You can choose aster, calendula, dianthus, marigold, and dahlias to decorate your wedding venue instead of artificial flowers. It will not only make the place look gorgeous but will also spread a pleasing odor. 

Make winter-special wedding menus at banquet halls.

You can also set winter-special wedding menus, especially with the vegetables available during the winter, like peas, cauliflowers, etc. Apart from this, “nolen gur” is another incredible winter special food item extracted from the juice of palm trees. Hence, peas kachori, cauliflower roast, nolen gur sweets are the mandatory items in any Bengali wedding menu. Also, providing hot tea and coffee is a much-needed inclusion in any winter wedding ceremony.

These are a few things you should keep in mind before organizing a winter wedding ceremony in one of the best banquet halls in South Kolkata. Apart from this, you should also remember that the winter season is the time of festivals and holidays. Hence, you must invite your guests at least a couple of months before the wedding date because ticket reservation and hotel booking take time, especially for those coming from remote places to attend your wedding. Sending invitations in advance will give your guests the space to arrange every necessary thing to reach and attend your wedding ceremony without any problem.