The year 2022 has seen life edge back into normalcy, as most events are now organised with full-house capacity. If you plan to organise your wedding event this year, you can look at some of the latest wedding trends currently followed in several banquet halls

Current trends of Indian weddings followed in banquet halls

Here is a list of recent wedding trends most couples in India follow while arranging their events in marriage halls.

Laidback luxury

The global novelty and OTT extravaganza of the big fat Indian wedding will never cease to stop, but for the last couple of years, laidback luxury has slowly and gradually started to gain popularity. During the post-pandemic situation, people began to prefer a close-knit celebration with plush arrangements with personal touches over formality and fuss. 

Storytelling through food

The food menu is one of the crucial and memorable parts of a wedding celebration. Telling couples’ inner love stories by curating pictures and moments in the menu card and highlighting every food item with a customised design has become a new trend. It also highlights the bride’s and groom’s favourite dishes, creating a memorable experience for the guests invited to the events. 

Daytime wedding

The daytime wedding has become another new trend, especially after watching Indian celebrities doing wedding ceremonies during the daytime. Many marriage halls in Kolkata are specially designed for daytime wedding events. The decoration team of such banquet halls are experienced in putting the most beautiful decoration required for a daytime wedding. 

Vintage-inspired wedding styles

Several event organisers are now adopting a unique wedding style in wedding venues

Adopting old-style decorations, dress codes have become the latest fashion. It’s not just about the hall decorating and dressing theme but also reflects on the style of catering services. Many big fat wedding ceremonies serve food with silver plates and containers and also include royal food items that used to be served in ancient times. 

Drone shot of wedding photography

Drone shot photography has become a new and common style of wedding photography, capturing wedding moments with a bird-eye view. It makes the whole coverage of your wedding beautiful and cinematic. Nowadays, pre-wedding moments are also captured in this style of wedding photography.

These are some latest trends which are immensely followed and seen in many banquet halls in Kolkata. If you also want to include any current trend, choose either of the above ideas to make your wedding ceremony even more special and memorable for you and your guests.