Are you confused about choosing between an indoor and outdoor wedding venue? Well, you are not the only person facing such a dilemma. Most of the wedding venues are indoor banquet halls but there are a few wedding venues in South Kolkata with outdoor or open spaces. If you book a wedding venue with outdoor space, you can get the following advantages. 

Advantages of booking open-air wedding venues

Recently, many people are opting for an outdoor area to organise marriage ceremonies. Here are a few benefits you can get after booking one of the best open-air banquet halls in South Kolkata

Natural Backdrop

One of the important reasons to choose open-air marriage halls in Kolkata is to get a natural backdrop to shift from boring indoor spaces. There are many venues with a beautifully natural and scenic background, like a beautiful lake or a garden. 

Less effort and time for specified decoration

Outdoor space in most of the wedding venues in South Kolkata allows you to experiment with different types of decorations like natural flowers and special candles, which might not be allowed in indoor spaces. During the daytime event, it requires less electric light if the event is organised in an outdoor space. At the same time, it requires minimal decorating stuff to decorate the venue. Hence, the overall time and effort spent to organise events in the open space are much less than indoor halls. 

More availability of space

One of the main advantages of booking one of the best open-air wedding venues in South Kolkata is the availability of large space to accommodate numerous attendees. Since the time of Covid-19, the Government has circulated a regulation to keep enough space from each other, especially for events with large gatherings. In order to avoid spreading the Covid-19 virus and lower the risk of infection, many people prefer to book an open-air wedding venue for extra space. 

Less Budget

The budget to organise an event is one of the essential aspects. If you arrange your wedding event in an open-air space during the daytime, you can save the electricity bill by using less electric light and air conditioner. 

You can utilise the natural light to make your event look more beautiful. 

You can get these benefits if you book one of the best open-air wedding venues in South Kolkata. Apart from making your wedding ceremony more beautiful, it can also help in saving time, money and effort.