Safety Measures to Control Covid in Banquet Halls

Most of the banquet halls in Kolkata are taking necessary safety precautions to offer a safe and secure environment. Though people have now started to conduct many events, activities, and gatherings that were put off due to the epidemic as life slowly returns to normal. But, to protect people from the harmful consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to maintain safety precautions of Covid.

Impact of Covid at Banquet Halls in Kolkata

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the events have been on a hold to restrict the large number of gatherings. As per the rules and regulations of Government, there are many restrictions which are enforced to follow. Here are a few Covid-19 pandemic precautionary steps taken by most of the banquet halls in Kolkata.

Many banquet halls in South Kolkata have already installed sanitizer tunnel with automated system. The automated sanitizer tunnel sprays sanitizer on the guest invited for the event. 

Several banquet halls have enhanced their space so that guests can maintain a proper social distancing among each other. It is one of the most important steps taken by banquet halls to control excessive crowd. 

A separate mask counter has been placed by many banquet halls for those who are attending the event without wearing mask. 

Most of the banquet halls in South Kolkata have maintained safety measures while delivering the catering service. The kitchen remains fully sanitized including the utensils, and other cooking materials. Chefs of the banquet hall wear masks to maintain the safety measures for avoiding the Covid-19 spread in the kitchen. This ensures the catering service to apply all Covid-19 precautionary steps. 

All the service providers of banquet halls wear masks, gloves while delivering service to the guests. 

All the service providers of banquet halls are fully vaccinated.

Most of the banquet halls also check the body temperature of guests with thermal gun before entering into the hall. 

Many banquet halls are providing warm-running water, soap, hand wash and hand dryer in the washrooms, so that guests can get full protection from Covid-19 virus. 

Most of the banquet halls in South Kolkata have even restricted the number of guests to allow in their respective banquet halls. This is why these banquet halls ask the number of guests so that they can ensure in providing enough space. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality sector in India has experienced a significant shock. The successive lockdowns has adversely affected the conduction of wedding and other events in many banquet halls in Kolkata. Due to the extraordinary effects of the corona virus epidemic, banquet hall owners have started putting recovery strategies into practice.