Are you looking for a makeover artist to do your makeup for an event? If yes, we will tell you some of the things you must consider before you book one for a party in a budget banquet hall in Kolkata.

What are the things that I must consider before booking a makeover artist?

  1. Fix a budget

Before booking a makeover artist, you must fix a budget. This will help you to choose makeup artists within your budget. Make sure to compare the different market prices at which they provide their services and choose one accordingly. If needed, you can even select an in-house makeup artist from banquet halls near Kolkata.

  1. Start researching early

Makeover artists are always in high demand. Hence, it is difficult to find someone whose style suits your taste. To be on the safe side, you can start researching early so that you are able to book your favourite makeover artist for your event.

  1. Schedule a meeting

It is important to get to know your makeup artist before your event. So, while selecting a makeover artist, make sure to organize a meeting with them. In this meeting, discuss all your queries and observe how they answer your questions. If they are hesitant to clear your doubts and maintain full transparency, then they might not be the right choice to hire for your event. 

  1. Inquire about discounts

You might want to inquire about discounts and other special offers from a makeover artist. If your family and friends also need their services, you must ask them for a bulk rate instead of individual prices. This will enable you to save money and get an affordable pricing policy from your makeup artist so that it does not exceed your budget.

  1. Ask them about their payment policy

Before finalizing your makeover artist, ask them about their payment policy. For instance, you can enquire regarding how much of the booking amount needs to be paid in advance. In addition, check whether they have any cancellation policy in case of unforeseeable circumstances. Some makeover artists provide a full refund in the event of cancellation, while most keep a majority of that amount and only offer a partial refund. Hence, it is advisable to be clear regarding such policies before you book your makeover artist for an event in a budget banquet hall in Kolkata.

You can follow the tips we have listed above to book a makeover artist for your event in the budget banquet halls in Kolkata