In recent years, bridal entries have become very popular in Indian weddings. You may also want to follow the trend if you desire to make an amazing bridal entry at your wedding. Here are some tips that will help you to plan your bridal entry at a destination wedding in Kolkata.

How to plan your bridal entry at your destination wedding?

Have your parents by your side:

Your parents are the ones who have accompanied you on your life’s journey. To shower them with affection and love, you can ask them to be by your side when you make your bridal entry. In this way, you will make a precious memory with your parents.

Make an entrance with the groom:

Many couples choose to go the unconventional path and make an entry together on their wedding day. Moreover, you can also arrange some fireworks as you walk towards the mandap hand-in-hand with your husband-to-be. This moment also signifies the beginning of a shared journey in both your lives. Therefore, make the most of this moment with your love by your side.

Dance your way:

If you go for this bridal entry, make the following preparations. For instance, when you search online for a “low budget marriage hall near me”, check whether they have a proper aisle on which you can make your bridal entry on the day of your wedding. Choose the song you will dance to and take choreography classes if needed. You can also select a song that both you and your fiancé love. Another tip here is that you can keep this bridal entry a secret and surprise your fiancé at your wedding by dancing your way to the mandap. It will not only make them feel very special but also loved.

Invite your girl gang:

We all have seen brides making entries with their bridesmaids somewhere or the other. For planning this bridal entry at open air wedding venues in Kolkata, you can ask some of your close friends to accompany you. This will be a great idea for your bridal entry as there can be times you will feel nervous before your wedding but with your friends accompanying you, you will feel comfortable.

Every bride wants to feel special on her big day and the wedding entry is one of the moments she will remember from her wedding for a long time. So, if you, too, want that, choose any one from the list of bridal entries to create wonderful memories of your wedding day.