Wedding celebrations are back on track, but hold your horses because safety and hygiene must be prioritized. To control the infection, the government recommends social distancing and intimate ceremonies whereas the novel coronavirus is still being developed. Because it is the holy grail of the new normal, you may take the first step toward safety by strategically placing sanitizer stations at your wedding celebrations.

Here we, experts at Pradhan Banquet, the best affordable banquet hall in Garia Station Kolkata, have put up a list of Catchy Sanitizer Station ideas for your upcoming wedding so you can put on a spectacular show without worrying about the little decorative elements. So, read this blog carefully.

Sanitizer Cart

Put the sanitizing supplies in a lovely cart and offer guests. You may make it stand out by decorating it to match your theme. We recommend keeping it in easily accessible places so that your guests may save the little trip. Decorate the sanitizing cart with a bouquet of flowers. The cutest cart is a golden cart with peachy floral colors. A wooden cart and leaf signage are perfect for an eco-friendly wedding. This concept is appropriate for a Boho ambiance!

Sanitizing Signage

Signage makes it easier for guests to find their way around, so why not use it to direct them to the sanitizer stations? Keep it unique or unostentatious, depending on your preference, but remember to stand out. The slogan “Spread Love, Not Germs” is in trend currently. At the sanitizing station, gold-framed signage with a tagline is the best. A sophisticated wedding ceremony might benefit from glass frames with customizable text. A wooden holder with translucent glass appears to be a statement artifact.

Sanitizer Wedding Favours

You can have sanitizer-filled wedding favors in tiny and cute packaging. Freebies are popular with guests, and this is the hygienic choice that may fit into your budget. Choosing wedding favors will no longer be a headache! To make these seem quirky, tie colorful ribbons around the small sanitizer bottles. Allow guests to help themselves to a basket packed with sanitizer miniatures. You can put all these wedding favors on a table, and the sanitizers are placed around candles and vases.

Contactless Sanitization

Contactless sanitization double-checks the safety factor and ensures that the virus stays far away from you. As a result, you’ll be able to select the appropriate equipment for your wedding ceremonies. It could be a sensor-based automatic sanitizer dispenser or a paddle stand. When it comes to installing them, be creative! A low-cost paddle-stand for installing a sanitizer dispenser can be an affordable choice for everyone.

Sanitizer Table Counters

Add a couple of sanitizer table counters to the welcome point to kill germs at the ceremony’s entrance. If you like, you can even keep masks for guests in case they forget theirs. It is the most secure option for a sanitizing station. Upon guests’ arrival, provide garlands, facemasks, and hand sanitizer. You can DIY a table set up with tissue boxes, sanitizers, and a trash bin.

We hope you like this blog. For more such unique ideas, feel free to contact experts at Pradhan Banquet, the top banquet hall in Garia Station Kolkata.

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