Weddings in India are famed for their opulence, sincere grandiose celebrations, naach-gaana, and, of course, the delectable food and drink spread. An Indian wedding food spread is something that just cannot be compromised with, ranging from multi-cultural cuisines and continental delicacies to exotic desserts and various drinks. It needs to be excellent!

Furthermore, the larger-than-life buffets at Indian weddings are unquestionably responsible for the quintessence of wedding food scenes. But, everyone’s favorite, ‘live food stations,’ adds even more appeal and a dynamic vibe to it. These live counters not only expand the menu but also provide a richer touch to today’s weddings. These are necessary for a chiller, easy-going feel, which is why we, experts at Pradhan Banquet, the best banquets in Ajay Nagar Kolkata, have compiled a list of some of the most exciting and creative live food stations you may have at your wedding.

Fancy Ice Cream Parlour

It is a super offbeat and unique manner of serving ice creams that will undoubtedly catch people’s attention and make for a dynamic live station. Liquid Nitrogen and Cold Stoned Ice Creams are two highly modern ice cream-making techniques that are very popular in the wedding scene. It’s entertaining and visually pleasing to watch them prepare, and they’re obviously excellent.

Tandoori & Barbecue Counter

Freshly made veg and non-veg foods such as momos, paneer, chicken, kebabs, and soya chaap prepared in a tandoor or over a barbecue are ideal for weddings. They also make delicious cocktail snacks.

Waffle Station

Waffles have surely paved their way from restaurants and eating joints to weddings, taking the dessert menu by storm around the world. Freshly made waffles in a range of flavors with various toppings are unmistakably a modern and edgy dessert option at weddings.

Loaded Nachos Chaat Thella

Another dish that’s becoming popular at Indian wedding food spreads is loaded nachos chaat. Make them available in veg and non-veg, with various dressings and toppings to go with them. Your guests will surely love this!

Paan Station

One of the most popular live stations at Indian weddings is a paan station. These counters are essential for serving a variety of flavored saunfs and paans at weddings. Don’t limit yourself to the most basic flavors, such as plain, meetha, or chocolate paan. Ice paan and Fire paan, for example, can delight your guests.

Indian Chaat Corner

This must-visit chaat corner is impossible to overlook. It’s almost like no Indian wedding would be complete without a chaat station in the food spread serving some delectable masaaledar teekhi chaat. Some of the basic chaat items to serve are golgappas, tikkis, Papdi Bhalla, Pav Bhaji, and Bhel Puri.

Pastas & Pizzas Dens

Without a doubt, these are unavoidable. Everyone’s favorite and they’ve been a part of Indian weddings in this modern era. We don’t think they’ll go out of style anytime soon.

Fresh Shakes & Smoothies Parlour

Fresh shakes and smoothies live counters will be a refreshing center of your wedding that everyone should love. Along with the traditional mocktails, these would be a fun and unique live station to add a pleasant vibe to your wedding.

We hope you like this blog. For more such unique ideas, don’t hesitate to contact experts of Pradhan Banquet, the best affordable top banquets in Ajay Nagar in South Kolkata.