Do you want to book a banquet hall for an event? If yes, we will tell you the top in-house services that make budget banquet halls in South Kolkata stand out. 

What are the top in-house services that make a banquet hall unique?

  • In-house wedding planner

You can find several banquet halls in South Kolkata with price which have in-house wedding planners. If you want, you can hire them not only for your wedding but other events such as your engagement party, bachelorette, and anniversary party. They will organize everything from the start till the end so that you enjoy a hassle-free event. 

  • In-house decorator

You might have a vision for your wedding day. To execute this vision, you can book an in-house decorator who can help you come up with a theme for your big day. You can also discuss with them some of the ideas you might have regarding your wedding decoration so that they can bring your ideas to life on the day of your marriage celebration.

  • In-house catering

In-house caterers have a lot of experience when it comes to handling guests. For your event, you can book their services. They might be able to give you some suggestions regarding the kind of dishes that can keep you on your wedding menu.  In addition, if you want, you can also choose between exotic and regional dishes or keep a mix of both at your event.

  • In-house photography

Nowadays, it is difficult to find good photographers who provide their services at affordable prices. However, when you book an in-house photographer, you do not need to worry about such things as they offer services at a comparatively lower price. Moreover, the cost of booking their services is included with the cost of booking the venue. In some venues, in-house photographers provide an all-inclusive package for pre-wedding functions and the main event. 

  • In-house makeover artist

Instead of searching for makeover artists who charge exorbitant prices, you can book an in-house makeup artist. Like in-house photographers, they also provide all-inclusive packages which you can easily afford for your event. If you want to hire them for your family members and friends, make sure to ask if they can provide a packaged offer for them as well.

We have stated the top in-house services that you can get by booking budget banquet halls in South Kolkata. Hence, the next time you choose a banquet hall for an event, make sure to avail yourself of these in-house services.