Are you planning a gala birthday celebration for someone you love?
Congratulations from Pradhan Banquets, a premium place in South Kolkata for all types of events that you may celebrate!

While you start planning to reach the most exquisite birthday party hall in South Kolkata, then you should be very cautious about checking and then crosschecking the facilities that these halls offer the clients like you are!

Here, you should think about interacting with the banquet hall or the ceremonial house and ask them some direct questions. Remember, asking questions should not be your motive. Instead, you should be careful about considering the answers impartially to decide finally which hall you should go for. Here are a few questions that you should ask:

Q1: How long have you been in this line of business?
Q2: Why should I hire you instead of a banquet hall?
Q3: Do you take proper care of the Covid-19 protocol?
Q4: Do you provide food and catering services also? Is it mandatory to avail of your service only?
Q5: What additional facilities do you provide your clients?
Q6: Does your birthday party hall in south Kolkata have a backup power supply facility?
Q7: Are there any kind of restrictions to follow in the venue?
Q8: Do you offer a complementary parking facility to your clients?
Q9: Are the charges fixed for the services you offer? Do you have any refund policy?
Q10: How do you prefer getting the payment? Is there any specific payment mode?
Q11: Is drinking allowed at your place?
Q12: What is the capacity of the hall you have? How many guests are you allowing nowadays?
Q13: How do you take care of the security measures of the clients and their guests?
Q14: Is your place well protected from fire accidents?
Q15: is the hall available on the date I am asking for?
Q16: Do you offer pick up and drop facilities from/to convenient locations?
Q17: What amount do you need to be paid as an advance?
Q18: Can I expect some discounts
Q19: Would you charge something for event insurance?
Q20: Is the decoration charge included in the total amount to be paid?

These are some of the questions that you cannot avoid asking when you are searching for the best banquet hall in Mukundapur to host a birthday party there. However, these can very much help you while you reach a popular birthday party hall in south Kolkata as well.

The Bottom Line:

As said earlier, asking these questions should not be for completing the formalities only. Remember to consider the answers impartially so that you could get the best support if you decide to hire the best birthday party hall near me in south Kolkata.

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