Most of the events in India are celebrated lavishly. In order to make the event grand, most of the customers prefer to book an exquisite banquet hall. Before booking or reserving a banquet hall, there are a few things that every customer must know, like the budget, location, and the types of services provided by banquet halls in Kolkata


Reception is another important service that involves welcoming guests and treating them by fulfilling their requirements and the well-being of guests in a banquet hall. The banquet service provider ensures to meet the expectation of each and every guest invited to the event. Apart from this, banquet service providers are also responsible for providing other perks like the safety and security of attendees, medical aids, serving necessary items in person, and many more.  

Decorating services

Many banquet halls have their own decorating teams, to decorate the place with elegant and exclusive collection of items to make the event look splendid and gorgeous.  

Banquet Hall Catering services

Most of the banquet halls provide catering services through which they can provide delicious dishes. This has made the thing easier for the customer to get the instant solution of catering service from the banquet hall. There are two types of catering services offered by any banquet hall

Buffet arrangement dining style

This is one of the most crucial services provided by almost all the banquet halls in South Kolkata. Most of the customers prefer to choose the buffet services while conducting an event with a large number of attendees. In buffet services, banquet service providers offer a series of food choices through which guests can serve themselves by taking their preferred food items. 

Sitting arrangement dining style

Sitting arrangement dining style is more of a conventional style where catering service providers serve food for the guests on the dining table.  

These are a few types of services provided by most of the banquet halls in Kolkata. Nowadays, many banquet halls are offering all-in-one services that include providing space for the event, decoration, reception, catering and other perks to the customers, and that too within an affordable range. This is why most of the customers are now inclined to get all these services from a banquet hall. It has not only saved the time and efforts of the customer but has also made it budget-friendly to get all the necessary services required to conduct an event in a banquet hall.