The wedding ceremony is the first formal occasion to meet and greet your invitees as a newly married couple. Since it is a special occasion for you and your guest, it is essential to make the event memorable for everyone while organizing it in one of the best marriage halls in Kolkata. Here are a few tips you can follow to make your wedding reception unique and memorable.

How to make wedding events special in marriage halls?

The wedding is one of the most important and memorable days. Many couples in India opt for a big fat wedding to organize it grandly, while others opt to make minimal arrangements. Whether a big-budget or a low-budget wedding event, you can still make your wedding ceremony memorable for everyone. Here are some suggestions to help make a wedding event special, even with a low budget. 

Selection of the theme for your wedding ceremony

Your wedding reception has to be the most glamorous event in your life. Hence, to make it alluring, you must adopt a unique style of organizing your wedding reception by selecting a specific theme. Wedding themes have become a new trend, where couples can arrange the whole program based on carnival-themed wedding reception or a Bollywood-themed wedding reception. It adds to your guest’s enthusiasm to dress accordingly and makes it special. 

Unique style of entry by bride and grooms to the wedding venue

A grand entrance of brides and grooms is another new wedding trend that has caught a special attraction among the guests. Many couples prefer fireworks or an entry with cars/bikes while entering the wedding venues in Kolkata

Organizing games for couples and guests

Arranging games for guests and couples can be an exciting idea to involve the participation of everyone attending your wedding. It can be any game like guessing the childhood photo of brides and grooms, antakshari, or a peekaboo game with a blindfold. Even after ages, all your guests will remember playing such games and the fun they had at your wedding ceremony.

Special performance, Live music, and DJ for the dance floor

Many banquet halls in South Kolkata offer additional space for live music and dance. Hence, you can arrange special live performances to entertain your guests at your wedding ceremony. 

These are some essential tips you can follow to make your wedding event memorable for the invitees. While selecting one of the best marriage halls in Kolkata, ensure you get all the facilities required to make your wedding reception special.