Nowadays, not every bride includes a lavish Indian wedding. Instead, today’s generation enjoys minimalism in marriage ceremony celebrations at banquet halls in Kolkata. With a minimalist wedding, you may do away with needless components like a bulky centre stage, ornate tableware, heavy and gaudy floral chandeliers, etc. and replace them with simple, elegant details that put the bride and groom and their relationship at the forefront.

Five ways to arrange Minimalist Wedding Receptions at Banquet Halls

1. Floral Decoration: 

Opt for delicate, understated colours with your flowers rather than strong hues like red. Use gentle pink, yellow, and white colours as well as delicate foliage. Use soft pink and yellow flowers for nighttime weddings instead of white and yellow ones. Making a beauty statement with crawling greenery on the walls is a simple yet powerful idea that you can apply. This is how you can decorate most of the budget-friendly wedding venues in South Kolkata at the price that you can afford.

2.Mix and match neutrals and natural elements

Avoid overstuffing the dining tables with heavy tableware or tablecloths. To increase attraction, classes, and romance, opt for white tablecloths, delicate candles, geometrical tableware, and soft-coloured flowers. With this kind of arrangement, you can create more space in marriage halls in Kolkata.

3.Personalized Menus

How beautifully minimalistic it would appear to have a calligraphy-written menu adorning each piece of dinnerware on each dish! It would give your wedding a unique touch and vintage charm! Apart from this, you can also opt to get catering services from banquet halls in Kolkata. As per your budget, you can choose the catering service.

4. Simple Mandap

To give your mandap a dreamy appearance, use tiny flowers in pink and white. To give it a charming and elegant appearance, create a straightforward archway with flowers and plants. You do not need to use natural flowers, as it costs more. This is how most of the mandaps of banquet halls in Kolkata are decorated. 

5. Minimal Selection of Food Menu

The days are gone when the quantity of food items on a wedding menu is closely correlated to the cost of your wedding. More and more couples nowadays adopt the “less is more” philosophy. Always prioritize quality over quantity while selecting food products. Instead of spending lavishly on food items, you can concentrate on providing minimal tasty food items to the invitees.

There is no better place to turn than banquet halls in Kolkata if you need assistance organizing that elegant and modest wedding. When it comes to planning weddings with the bride and groom’s preferences in mind, many wedding venues in South Kolkata can provide extraordinary banquet services at a very reasonable cost.